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Dear Friend of CWIHP,

For twenty years now CWIHP has been pushing the edge of the envelope on Cold War history research. I write to request your help in ensuring that we continue to achieve this same level of excellence for the next twenty years.

Those of you who were "present at the creation" may recall that when CWIHP first opened for business in 1990/91, Soviet and Eastern European archives were only beginning to open their doors to foreign researchers. Our first CWIHP Bulletin, published in Spring 1992, was a slim 32 pages; its contents were mainly a nuts-and-bolts description of archives' locations and the materials that intrepid researchers could hope to access.

Through the 1990s CWIHP spearheaded many of the most important research efforts in Russia's archives before restrictions on access there led to even more intensive focus upon materials available in Eastern Europe. As CWIHP entered into its second decade, archives in Asia came into greater focus, with path-breaking workshops in Mongolia and China and the first-of-its-kind cooperative venture with the PRC Foreign Ministry to publish formerly secret documents from its archive.

Looking ahead, CWIHP is committed to staying on the leading edge of archival research on the Cold War, exemplified by ongoing initiatives to advance archival openness in South Asia and Southeast Asia, projects to shed light upon nuclear history, intelligence history and the history of the Warsaw Pact.

Over the past two decades CWIHP and its broad network of international partners have changed the face of Cold War history. Indeed, since we started our work in 1991, CWIHP research has been cited in thousands of books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and a wide variety of television and media.

Our ongoing Digital Archive redesign and massive digitization effort, moreover, will make even more of our documents even more accessible to students, scholars, policy-makers and journalists around the world.

Advancing and continuing our research, publications, seminars, and workshops requires steady steams of funding: While CWIHP receives restricted support from foundations and corporations, these grants cover only a portion of our total operating budget. The balance comes from donations made by generous CWIHP supporters like you.

I urge you to make your tax deductible donation to CWIHP's future today. Thank you for supporting CWIHP


Christian F. Ostermann,
Director, CWIHP