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Environmental Change and Security Program

The Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) explores the connections between environmental change, health, and population dynamics and their links to conflict, human insecurity, and foreign policy.

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New Security Beat

The blog of the Environmental Change and Security Program

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More from the Environmental Change and Security Program

  • The Wilson Center’s Africa in Transition series, co-sponsored by the Population Institute, focuses on how often overlooked population trends—fertility, maternal mortality, migration, urbanization—shape sub-Saharan Africa’s chances for prosperity, health, and security.

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  • Uncharted Territory is a special series hosted by New Security Beat in celebration of the Environmental Change & Security Program’s 25th anniversary. In the series, a diverse group of ECSP partners spotlight emerging trends, innovative research, and new insights at the intersection of environment, health, and security. How we apply the lessons learned from the last 25 years to the decisions that we face today will determine what our world looks like in 2044.

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  • ECSP’s Water Security for a Resilient World series, a partnership with USAID’s Sustainable Water Partnership and Winrock International to share stories about global water security.

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