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Africa Program

The Africa Program works to address the most critical issues facing Africa and U.S.-Africa relations, build mutually beneficial U.S.-Africa relations, and enhance knowledge and understanding about Africa in the United States. The Program achieves its mission through in-depth research and analyses, including our Africa Up Close blog, public discussion, working groups, and briefings that bring together policymakers, practitioners, and subject matter experts to analyze and offer practical options for tackling key challenges in Africa and in U.S.-Africa relations.  

Free Trade Surrounding Africa

Brown Capital Management Africa Forum High-Level Meeting: Strengthening the Role of African Sovereign Wealth Funds in the International Financial System: Interplay between Policy, Governance, and Sustainability

On Thursday and Friday, August 11-12, 2022, the Brown Capital Management Africa Forum at the Wilson Center hosted its third high-level meeting for Africa sovereign wealth funds in Washington, D.C. This high-level meeting convened 15 African countries, including the heads of sovereign wealth fund CEOs as well as deputy ministers, US officials, private sector leaders, and representatives from US and international, financial, and development institutions and initiatives. The opening and closing ceremonies were webcast and are available to watch.

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Monde Muyangwa

Africa Program Director

For too long, U.S.-Africa relations were defined by Cold War calculations, humanitarian crises, and conflict and insecurity, while economic and development matters were largely on the periphery of U.S. engagement with the continent. Since 2014, there has been an effort to re-position U.S.-Africa relations by bringing business and economic relations squarely into the center of U.S.-Africa relations.

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