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Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition

The Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition works to shape conversations and inspire meaningful action to strengthen technology, trade, infrastructure, and energy as part of American economic and global leadership that benefits the nation and the world.

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Biden Speaking about SemiConductors

Friends, Allies, and the Trade Dilemma

As economic competition heats up, partners are key to US success

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Succeeding in Strategic Competition is Today’s Imperative

History will judge today’s leaders harshly if they fail to push back against the trends of isolationism and protectionism to embrace the tried-and-true path of engagement that fuels our mutual prosperity and to strengthen the global order.

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Areas of Focus

  • Bolstering infrastructure support and export promotion efforts to advance US technology, and secure critical minerals, digital infrastructure, ports, and submarine cables.

  • Pursuing mutually beneficial trade opportunities to preserve economic and technological leadership alongside restrictions necessary for national security.

  • Achieving the energy transition without sacrificing energy security.