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Science and Technology Innovation Program

The Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP) serves as the bridge between technologists, policymakers, industry, and global stakeholders.

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  • The Wilson Center’s 5G Beyond Borders project explores how the U.S., Canada, and Mexico can work together to maximize the benefits of 5G and related technology through informed policy solutions.  The project offers an overview of the landscape of 5G technology around the globe, while also focusing on the impact of 5G on North American business, and smart manufacturing. Cross-border collaboration between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico is essential to a secure transition. 5G Beyond Borders explores not only 5G security, but how North American cooperation can reduce risks, maximize economic gains, and ensure an efficient 5G rollout.
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  • Technological tools are today a vital component of modern statecraft.  Nations hack into each other’s computer networks to collect intelligence, prepare the battlefield, and carry out sabotage.  They also invest heavily in technologies that promise to fundamentally change the way we communicate and that will automate major functions currently conducted by humans.  Drawing upon existing regional programming, our Serious Games Initiative, a diverse network of Fellows and strong alliances with the private sector, this effort evaluates the risk of miscalculation in the digital age, identify possible solutions and investigate policy options for addressing future challenges.
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  • According to, "In citizen science, the public participates voluntarily in the scientific process, addressing real-world problems in ways that may include formulating research questions, conducting scientific experiments, collecting and analyzing data, interpreting results, making new discoveries, developing technologies and applications, and solving complex problems."
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  • The Wilson Center’s Digital Assets Forum has a mission to present reliable unbiased information concerning the evolution in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  We provide a realistic assessment of the future and opportunity of increasing focus on metaverse-related technology. 
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  • Global health is more than healthcare: it combines politics, human behavior, and economics within the boundaries of scientific theory and practice to illustrate the impact of health and well-being on a successful global strategy.
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