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The Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP) brings foresight to the frontier. Our experts explore emerging technologies through vital conversations, making science policy accessible to everyone.

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Cover of Governing AI paper

Governing AI: Understanding the Limits, Possibility, and Risks of AI in an Era of Intelligent Tools and Systems

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US Capitol Building

Event Summary | Assessing the AI Agenda: Policy Opportunities and Challenges in the 117th Congress

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Publication cover for  Images -- STIP Freedom and Fakes: A Comparative Exploration of Countering Disinformation and Protecting Free Expression

Freedom and Fakes: A Comparative Exploration of Countering Disinformation and Protecting Free Expression

In the United States, there is no clear plan of action to combat disinformation at a national level. In addition to briefly exploring the existing human rights-based framework for the protections of free speech, this paper compares the development and, where applicable, implementation of four efforts—in Germany, Brazil, Singapore and Ukraine—to regulate social media platforms in response to disinformation.

Young female textiles technician creating bespoke insoles for people with medical conditions

Building Blocks for Better Science: Case Studies in Low-Cost and Open Tools for Science

Tools (as well as the research they enable) are not just developed by and for the professional scientific research community, but by a wide range of commercial, academic, nonprofit, and community enterprises operating at a range of scales. Here, we outline 16 tools for science that are causing us to rethink the boundaries of scientific research. Looking across these tools and their individual impact on science and society, we begin to ask questions about their collective impact. How do low-cost tools impact science? Do these tools accelerate scientific progress or expand access, and to what extent? Finally, is the impact, and potential impact, of these tools incremental, or potentially revolutionary?

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Beyond Bans cover page

Beyond Bans: Policy Options for Facial Recognition and the Need for a Grand Strategy on AI

Recognizing the current pace of innovation, there is an urgent and compelling opportunity to move beyond bans to proactively explore a grand strategy or national action plan for AI. Such a strategy should include an ethical framework for AI that begins with high-level principles and becomes progressively more concrete.

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3d Mask printing

Open Hardware and COVID-19 Roundtable

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.@wiczipedia: "The United States has finally been shocked into understanding that the information people consume on…