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NPIHP accepts drafts and publication proposals year-round. If you are interested in submitting a short or long form publication for consideration, send your draft to to Successful proposals draw primarily on non-US archival materials.  The project's three publication series are:

Working Papers

The NPIHP Working Paper Series is designed to provide a speedy publications outlet for historians who have gained access to newly-available archives and sources and would like to share their results. Working papers are generally 20-30 pages in length, but longer submissions are also considered.

Research UpdatesNPIHP Research Updates cast an analytical spotlight upon newly uncovered archival sources. Research updates showcase and contextualize new archival research and make leading-edge research accessible to a board audience. Research updates are shorter than working papers and focus more on context than analysis. Issue BriefsNPIHP Issue Briefs offer useful insights and perspectives on contemporary nuclear policy issues from international nuclear historians. More than just formulaic ‘lessons from history,’ Issue Briefs provide archivally-grounded background, context and nuance to current issues for political scientists and government officials who are confronted with complex nuclear challenges. Successful submissions are concise, provide a concrete policy implication, and are less than five pages.