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The North American Leaders' Summit First Annual Stakeholder Dialogue

The Woodrow Wilson Center, led by its Mexico and Canada Institutes, hosted the first annual Stakeholder Dialogue on North American Competitiveness on September 29, 2016. The Dialogue had been announced by the three North American leaders three months earlier at the North American Leaders Summit (NALS) held in Ottawa.

A group of individuals from a diverse mix of organizations met in this first Stakeholder Dialogue with the goal of informing and shaping the agenda of the next North American Leaders’ Summit. With this launch, the Stakeholder Dialogue became a formal part of the NALS process.

This first Stakeholder Dialogue is but the first of many activities that the Wilson Center intends to organize to provide ongoing input from non-governmental stakeholders into the NALS agenda. This page on the Woodrow Wilson Center’s web site will serve as our information central during this effort. 

Canadian and Mexican officials have expressed their intention to spur similar stakeholder events in their respective countries. We will provide information on NALS stakeholder activities in all three countries as they are announced.

A comments section is included here to provide a dynamic platform for ongoing discussion and input from those interested in developing greater competitiveness in North America. All are encouraged to submit their comments and ideas.

A summary of the discussions that include Issues and Recomendations from the first annual Stakeholder Dialogue held on September 29, 2016 can be found here.  

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