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Supporting Your Research

Funding opportunities for scholars working on nuclear proliferation

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NPIHP offers resources and support to scholars of all levels who are conuducting archival research on the history of nuclear weapons. In addition to NPIHP's formal fellowships, the project accepts ad-hoc proposals and funding requests to support archival research. If you have a project in need of support, email with a short proposal (500 words max). Generally, NPHIP supports the following kinds of activities:

Translation and Transcription

If you have retrieved historical documents from non-US archives, and you would like to have them translated into English, NPIHP will translate and host them online for you. Scans or transcriptions of archival documents can be hosted online side-by-side with their English translations on the Wilson Center's Digital Archive. Write to NPIHP with a decription or index of the documents you would like to have translated, and what you intend to do with them. 

Document Acquisition and Duplication

If you are planning a trip to a non-US archive and need financial support to photocopy or scan materials during your trip, write to NPHIP with a short description of the collections you will be accessing. NPIHP regularly reimburses photocopy/scanning costs. 

For more information on the type of materials the project collects, see our Collection Policy.