The United States faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the 21st century. Economic globalization and the spread of new technologies are influencing the choices of individuals, businesses, and all levels of government in the United States and around the world. Developed and emerging market countries have become major competitors for trade, technology, and talent. Innovations in science and technology are leading to dynamic advances in one area after another including health care, energy, and education.

PAGE focuses on global economic developments, innovation, and U.S. economic competitiveness with the following programming topics:

  • Global Economic Developments
    PAGE examines the impact of growing global economic integration on the major regions of the world. Working with the strong regional programs at the Wilson Center, PAGE identifies the policies, practices, ideas, and institutions that can make global economic integration work for all people.

    PAGE also focuses on the links between trade liberalization, economic growth, and poverty alleviation. Trade can be integrated into broader development strategies that will turn trade-created opportunities into economic reality. As part of its work on trade and development, PAGE is examining the prospects for using foreign assistance to give countries the capacity to more fully participate in the global economy.

  • Innovation Policy
    PAGE examines trends in science and technology around the world and assesses new developments in U.S. science and technology policy. The program includes a focus on public-private partnerships, investment in R&D abroad, and the emergence of global research networks.
  •  American Economic Competitiveness
    PAGE evaluates and highlights the analyses of policies designed to bolster the long-term economic competitiveness of the United States. In particular, PAGE focuses on policies that encourage public and private investment, research and development, life-long learning and effective global engagement. PAGE stresses the incorporation of American economic strategies and trends into a global context.