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About Dialogue at the Wilson Center

Dialogue at the Wilson Center is an award-winning weekly television and radio program that explores the world of ideas through weekly, half-hour conversations with renowned public figures, scholars, journalists, and authors. Since 1988, Dialogue has offered its listeners informed discussion on important ideas and issues in national and international affairs, history, and culture—providing commentary that goes beyond the superficial analysis presented in many of today's talk shows.

In the spring of 2002, the show joined in collaboration with MHz Networks to co-produce Dialogue as an annual 26-part television series. The series aims to provide foreign perspectives on world affairs - with presidents, ambassadors, cabinet ministers and scholars as guests. The program is available to 2.3 million households in the Washington D.C metro via broadcast, cable, satellite and telco on MHz Networks 1. The show is also available throughout the U.S. on MHz Networks’ national channel, MHz Worldview, to nearly 42 million households, via broadcast and cable affiliates, as well as via DirecTV and WorldTV (G19) satellite.