Mobilizing Latino Immigrant Integration: From IRCA to the Ya Es Hora Citizenship Campaign, 1987-2007
David R. Ayón, Loyola Marymount University

¿Sí Se Puede? Immigrant-Led Political Activism in Charlotte, North Carolina: One Community Organizer's Perspective
Chris Bishop, Helping Empower Local People

Migrant Civic Engagement, 2008
Jonathan Fox, University of California at Santa Cruz
Xóchitl Bada, University of Illinois at Chicago

'Welcoming the Stranger' The Catholic Church and the Struggle for Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles, 2009
Luisa Heredia, University of California at Riverside

The Civic Education and Engagement of Latina/o Immigrant Youth: Challenging Boundaries and Creating Safe Spaces
Hinda Seif, University of Illinois at Springfield