The Border Research Partnership is proud to announce the call for entries to participate in the 2013 U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Innovation and Cooperation Awards. The Awards annually honor cross-border innovation and cooperation experiences (represented by programs or projects) in the areas of public security, local economic development, transportation planning, environmental projects, education, health, and culture and the arts, amongst other areas of the US-Mexico border relations. The winners will be selected by a committee of prestigious people that reflect the diversity, binational identity, and true spirit of the border region. This committee will include representatives from the private, governmental, academic and social sectors. The awards ceremony will be held during October 2013. Register here.

The Border Research Partnership has released an annual, bilingual publication that illustrates the experiences of the Awards’ finalists. It was created to document the successful stories of cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico, and the role that the organizations and institutions from all the regions’ social sectors play in this cooperation. The participating organizations’ experiences will be widely publicized through this publication and through communication media of regional and national reach.

Elegibility Criteria

  • The registered entries must show extraordinary cross-border cooperation and collaboration experiences, which will be represented by programs, plans and/or projects implemented by two or more organizations, at least one from each side of the border.
  • The nominated experiences may be originated from the non-governmental, social and private sectors, or from local and state government agencies that coordinate the program or project that represent the experience.
  • The organizations that nominate their experience must have their operations based within the 10 states that form the U.S.-Mexico border region (Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Sonora and Tamaulipas).
  • They must show, through their application form and during the evaluation process (description follows), if their project or program has impacted positively the lives of the inhabitants of the region, and in which way.

Evaluation and verification phase

After the registration phase has been closed, 12 experiences will be chosen to be finalists, which will go through an evaluation and verification process to establish the veracity and solidity of the information provided in the registration form, and to provide to the Awards organizers and evaluation committee with a clearer view on the magnitude of the benefits that the program or project has brought onto the region’s population.

The verification process might include personal or telephone interviews with the organizations’ leaders, visits to the organizations, questionnaires for the program or project’s beneficiaries, and requests for further information regarding the organization’s activities.

The evaluation process will result with a report for each one of the 12 finalists.

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will be held during October this year. The exact date and place will be announced in a timely fashion. Representatives from the organizations whose experiences are among the 12 finalists and the evaluation committee will all be attending the ceremony. The 12 finalist experiences will be presented at the ceremony before the media and the evaluation committee, which will be the last action before the committee takes a final decision and chooses four experiences to be the winners.

Application Process

The application process consists of filling out a registration form (which includes the description of the collaboration experience, the information of the collaborating organizations and the contact information of each of them). Individuals and organizations can nominate and register themselves, or be nominated by a third party.

Application and participation in the Awards are completely free of charge.