As Mexico begins the process of transition to a new administration, there is considerable doubt about the true nature of the new president, Andres Manual Lopez Obrador, or AMLO as he is commonly known.

AMLO won Sunday’s election with an extraordinary 53 percent of the vote, giving him a clear mandate. Throughout his career, he has taken strong stances on topics like corruption, on what he calls “the mafia in power,” and on poverty and inequality. As a result, he is a figure that inspires hope or fear, dividing Mexicans neatly down the middle.

In the United States, AMLO has drawn a similar reaction, with many worrying about the future of the bilateral relationship. Of particular concern is the future of cooperation on migration. It is a topic that will likely lead to some tensions between the Trump administration and the new government, who will likely re-evaluate its alignment with the United States on topics regarding Central American migration and Mexican emigration to the United States.

Given the controversial nature of the issue and its importance for President Trump, the future of the Mexico and U.S. relationship might just depend on how willing each leader is to work on migration.

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