Former Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar Anna Kasten Nelson has published an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on suggested improvements for President Obama's draft executive order on United Stated declassification policy.

"President Obama, Improve Your Declassification Order" suggests several ways in which current U.S. declassification practices could be improved to benefit historians and the broader public, without compromising information that truly needs to remain secret.

Visit The Chronicle of Higher Education website to read the full article.

Anna Kasten Nelson is a former Wilson Center public policy scholar, and the Distinguished Historian in Residence at American University where she teaches courses related to United States foreign policy. She is the author of a number of articles, essays and reviews that have appeared in major historical journals including the Journal of American History, Diplomatic History, Journal of Military History, and Political Science Quarterly. Her most recent article is "The Evolution of the National Security State: Ubiquitous and Unending," in The Long War, Andrew Bacevich, Editor. She is the editor of The Policy Makers: Shaping American Foreign Policy from 1947 to the Present (November 2008) and the State Department Planning Staff Papers, 1947-1949.