The Americas Center intends to understand, cooperate and coordinate with, and respond effectively to changes in Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish financial institutions and markets. Our mission involves better supervising constituencies, strengthening the Federal Reserve System's and Sixth Federal Reserve District's voice and influence in hemispheric policymaking, and adding value to evolving regional payment processing.

The Americas Center also maintains a comprehensive research and analysis portal, featuring the publication EconSouth, a quarterly economic and business magazine featuring articles on regional, national, and international issues pertinent to the Southeast. The Center also produces much of its content in Portuguese.

The most recent article published in EconSouth, "A Tempestade de Crédito Está Afundando o Comércio Global," analyzes how the current international credit crisis is affecting global trade. Below is a synopsis (in Portuguese) of the article:

"O comércio internacional, que já foi o esteio do crescimento econômico mundial, está agora afundando nos revoltos mares financeiros que estão engolfando o mundo. À medida que os custos do crédito disparam e os fornecedores de crédito privado tornam-se menos dispostos ou capazes de financiar o comércio internacional, os governos e as organizações multilaterais estão tendo que sustentar o crédito para ajudar o comércio internacional a não afundar."