This is the English-language website for the Awards for U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Cooperation and Innovation; a Spanish-language website is located at

The awards will recognize extraordinary experiences of U.S.-Mexico cross-border cooperation and will serve to tell the often-overlooked "success stories" of bi-national institutions, non-profits, and local and state governments.

Awards will honor cooperation and innovation in the fields of public safety, transportation planning, environmental stewardship, education, health, and the arts, among others. Awardees will be selected by a prestigious selection committee, reflecting the bi-national identity, diversity, and spirit of the border—with members from business, government, academia, and the non-profit sector.

Awards will be conferred in tandem with this year's Border Governors Conference and in association with the Border Legislative Conference. The initiative will also include the publication of a bilingual book that will profile the award finalists.

"Awards for U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Cooperation and Innovation" are administered by the Border Research Partnership, comprising the Woodrow Wilson Center Mexico Institute, the North American Center for Transborder Studies at Arizona State University, and El Colegio de la Frontera Norte.

For further information, including application and selection processes, key dates, and eligibility criteria, please access the Guidelines by clicking the link below.

Individuals and organizations may self-apply for the award or be nominated by another party. Forms for both submissions and nominations are below. The deadline for all entries is Monday, April 18, 2011.