The Parisian NGO Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography (CICRED) funds programs around the world on the connections among population, environment, and development. Representatives from these research programs presented the findings of 20 studies at an international colloquium at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris on March 21-23, which focused on three main themes:

  • Rural development, agrarian transformations, and natural resource management;
  • Population, environment, and development interactions in urban areas; and
  • Poverty, environment, and migration.

ECSP's Gib Clarke, who attended the conference, noted that some research teams provided a rare perspective on emigration: "While immigration is often looked at in terms of the impact on the country of destination, presenters emphasized the negative impacts in the country of origin." Read more of his commentary about this conference at ECSP's blog, The New Security Beat.

The last day of the colloquium was devoted to synthesizing research findings and identifying implications for policy and analysis, as well as prospects for future research on population, development, and environment. Background documents, presentations, data sets, and other valuable tools will be available on the conference website in the near future.