In recent decades, the field of Hong Kong history has developed rapidly. Hong Kong is now perceived as a stage for encounters that transcend the simply local, a node for a wide range of connections in every sphere—economic, political, cultural, diplomatic—that mean that Hong Kong functions as an integral part of a wide variety of global networks. Path-breaking studies have melded together the areas of international relations and imperial history with economic, business, social, cross-cultural, intellectual, women's, and educational history, crossing disciplinary boundaries with verve and vigor to illuminate our understanding of Hong Kong.

The 11-12 January 2011 conference, Hong Kong in the Global Setting, is intended to bring such scholarship together in a synergistic relationship, to place the History of Hong Kong, cultural, social, diplomatic, and economic, in its broader global setting, so that developments in Hong Kong can be situated in a very wide international context. In many respects, Hong Kong has throughout its history been not just a meeting place for East and West, but also an international city/region that blurs and problematizes such sharp binary distinctions, forcing us to question and redefine conventionally accepted concepts and categories.

The organizers therefore encourage proposals for single papers or complete panels that explore aspects of Hong Kong history from a comparative perspective, very broadly understood; that focus upon the international role of Hong Kong, throughout its history, as a key interstitial nexus, a liminal neighborhood and frontier for cross-cultural exchanges and transactions of every kind; and that employ interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary approaches.

Proposals should include a 200-word abstract, and a brief résumé. The Deadline for Paper Proposals is 31 May 2010. The organizers will notify presenters by the end of June 2010 whether or not their papers have been accepted.

Please submit paper or panel proposals, by e-mail, fax, or mail, to:

Priscilla Roberts,
Department of History,
University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong,
fax: +852 2858 9755;
telephone: +852 2859 2863.

For further information, please contact Priscilla Roberts, Department of History, University of Hong Kong, e-mail