The Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), in cooperation with the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, will host an international academic conference—The Bicentennial of Russia-U.S. Relations—on November 8–9, 2007 in Moscow. This conference will be the most significant event in the study of Russian-U.S. relations and in American Studies to be held in Russia in the last several years.

The program of the conference (held in Russian and English with translation) will be divided into two parts. The first will examine Diplomatic, Economic and Cultural Relations from the Middle of the 18th Century to the Present Day. This will be followed by a special session on The State of Russian and American Studies in the Two Countries: Problems and the Search for Solutions. Scholars writing on any topic of U.S.-Russian relations are welcome to submit papers for consideration. Papers are especially encouraged on topics including intellectual contacts during the Enlightenment, comparative analyses of serfdom/slavery, contacts in the field of agriculture, economic history, Russian colonization and administration of Alaska, American famine relief after World War I, academic exchanges, scientific contacts, and the future of the relationship.

Please note the following deadlines:
June 20 – paper titles
August 25 – paper abstracts (300 – 500 words)
October 25 – final drafts
All materials should be sent to the following e-mails: or

Stipends from the Institute of World History to cover costs of housing and meals may be available.

For more information, please contact Samuel Volfson at or 7(495) 9380670, 7(495)9380097
Samuel Volfson
Managing Secretary
Alexander Petrov
Vice-chairman of the Organization Committee

Conference Topics
• Assessing 200 years of U.S.-Russian Competition and Cooperation: Patterns, Themes and Lessons for the Future
• Re-Examining Phases in the Relationship:

o Development of the United States, Russian Exploration and the Colonization of Northwest America and Alaska (1745–1867)
o Early Dialogue: Age of Enlightenment Contacts, Intellectual Roots and Parallel Influences
o 1867–1917: The Turn of the Century and the Making of the U.S. and Russia
o War and Its Consequences: 1914-1945
o Evolution of Economic Relations
o Examining the Impact of George Kennan's Long Telegram
o The Cold War: Lessons and Legacy
o Perspectives on the Last Twenty Years of U.S.-Russian Diplomacy: Managing Transition

Russian and American Studies as Taught in Both Countries: Problems and the Search for Solutions.
o Learning Each Other's Language: Educational Policy, Language Learning and the Impact on Relations
o Teaching History: Challenges and Trends
o Academic Exchanges: Goals and Policies
o Trends in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Area Studies
o Evaluating U.S. and Russian Culture: Source of Cohesion or Conflict in the Relationship?