The Journal of American Ethnic History, the official journal of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society, announces its call for article submissions for a special issue on "Cold War Politics and American Ethnic Groups."

The overall goal of this special issue is to study the experience of American ethnic groups, political refugees, and immigrants during the Cold War period from a variety of perspectives. The volume seeks to uncover the diverse ways in which American ethnic groups were affected by the foreign relations, intelligence, and defense strategies of both the U.S. and the communist regimes. This issue also aims to discuss the effect that certain ethnic groups had or tried to have on American foreign policy and what techniques they used for this. In addition, the issue explores how Cold War politics shaped internal dynamics within American ethnic and immigrant communities. Defining "the Cold War era" as the continuing opposition between the U.S. and the USSR, the historical period covered in this volume spans from the late 1940s until the end of the 1980s.

We strongly encourage submissions that use sources from recently opened archives both in the U.S. and former-communist countries. We are looking for historically based studies that use primary materials from within the ethnic groups themselves. Submissions covering both European and non-European ethnic groups are welcome.

Deadline for receipt of manuscripts: December 1, 2009

Manuscript submissions to the Journal should be in quadruplicate in 12-point font, to a maximum of thirty-five pages (text and notes), with endnotes, double-spaced, on separate sheets and following the Chicago Manual of Style 15th edition (no electronic submissions). Prospective authors should include a brief 50- to 100-word bio suitable for the journal's "Notes on Contributors" section and a disk or CD containing files of both the bio and the article, prepared in IBM-compatible MS Word 2003 format. Since manuscripts are sent out anonymously for evaluation, the author's name and affiliation should appear only on a separate cover sheet. In addition, prospective contributors are encouraged to join the Immigration and Ethnic History Society. Further information can be found at or by e-mailing John Bukowczyk, Editor, JAEH, at

Please address all manuscript submissions and requests for the JAEH Style Sheet to:
Ieva Zake, Guest Editor
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Rowan University
Glassboro NJ 08028
856-256-4500, ext. 3515

Please note that the journal does not accept previously published material.