CEF Director, Jennifer Turner commented about a viral Chinese smog documentary “Under the Dome” on VOA.

“For me and those who study China’s issues, (the film) doesn’t necessarily say a lot of new information. However, she present the air pollution-related problems is a great way. We each may know one thing or two about environmental problems,” said Turner, “but only she shows the whole picture and facilitate a national-level discussion.” Turner said what was more important was that (we need to know) the causes, scale of the problem, why we need to be concerned about this and possible solutions as well.

However, she has already seen some optimistic signals about China’s “war against pollution”. “Last year, China’s coal consumption dropped by 2 percent, which is the first decline in the past century,” said Turner. “People can feel the senior officials willingness to shift China’s reliance on coal to other energy sources, which could be very difficult of course.”

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