An OpEd by William Krist, ECSP's senior policy scholar, appears in the Feb. 12th edition of the Christian Science Monitor. You can view the OpEd at

"All together now: Take the free-market plunge" argues that the U.S. and other developed countries should eliminate export subsidies and significantly open their agricultural markets. Not only would this help developing countries receive a fair price for their products in the world market, but it would also remove barriers that distort the U.S. economy and hurt U.S. consumers.

The Center recently released Krist's research report, Making Doha a Developmental Round , which extensively reviews developing countries' demands that the U.S., the European Union, and other developed countries open their agricultural markets and reduce trade-distorting subsidies. The least-developed countries-the poorest of the poor-are also seeking improved access to world markets for their labor-intensive products. You can download the report here.

As a result of the OpEd, Krist was interviewed live on the Arnie Arnesen talk radio show. Arnie Arnesen was New Hampshire's first female nominee for governor from a major party.