**Note: This event takes place in New York at the HSBC Bank.
Organized by the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY, the International Chamber of Commerce-Hellas and Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK).

Did you know that the relations between Turkey and Greece have been redefined over the last few years and partnership activities are on the rise? No? Then continue reading on. Greek-Turkish trade has quadrupled in five years and now stands at 1.75 billion USD annually.

The Turkish TV series, "Yabanci Damat" (a foreigner for a son in law), or "The Frontiers of Love" as the Greek title goes became a phenomenon last summer in Greece. The show achieved what politicians couldn't achieve in decades. Last August, when the show ended with a happy ending, i.e., with a marriage between a Greek and a Turk, it broke all records, as almost 1.5 million Greek viewers were glued for two-and-a-half hours every day to their TV sets.

Today Turkish companies are expanding in Greece and Greek companies are entering the Turkish market. Furthermore, they partner for opportunities in the region. The growth of the cross-border activity reinforces U.S. investors' interest in the region.

Business professionals from Greece, Turkey and the U.S. who have an interest in investment and partnership opportunities in the region or in the U.S.

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Greek-Turkish-US Conference