H-Soz-u-Kult has released a report on the CWIHP co-sponsored conference The Cold War: History, Memory, Representation, which was held from 14-16 July 2011 at the European Academy in Berlin.

Visit the H-Soz-u-Kult to read the conference report in full.

Conference Overview:

Panel 1 / The Cold War: Master Narratives In East And West

Odd Arne Westad (London): On The Historiography Of The Cold War

Anders Stephanson (New York): The Cold War As Metaphor And Trope

David Reynolds (Cambridge): Western Europe – Probing The Cold War Narrative

Vladimir Pechatnov (Moscow): Twenty Years Of Changing Interpretations Of The Cold War In Russia

History, Memory And The Cold War

Jay Winter (Yale): The Cold War Between History And Memory

Panel 2 / Official and Biographical Memorialization

Marie-Pierre Rey (Paris): Memorialization Or Mythologization? A Comparative Approach To The Attitudes Of The French And Russian States Towards The Cold War

Sergej Kudryashov (Moscow): Painful Memories: Russian Attitude Towards The End Of The Cold War In Europe

Matthias Uhl (Moscow): Spies Which Saved the World? The Construction Of Biographies Of George Blake and Oleg Penkovsky – New Approaches

Thomas Lindenberger (Vienna): The Cold War? I Rather Have It In My Family… East-West Discrepancies In Remembering Cold War Times

Panel 3 / Popular Culture And School Books

Tony Shaw (Hertfordshire): Cold War Films (East and West)

Christopher Moran (Warwick): Ian Fleming, British Spy Fiction And The Public Profile Of The Central Intelligence Agency

Falk Pingel (Brunswick): The Cold War In History And Social Studies Textbooks

Panel 4 / Places Of Memory

Wayne Cocroft: Protect and Survive: Protecting, Preserving And Presenting Cold War Heritage

Csaba Békés (Budapest): Cold War Memory Sites And Museums In Central Europe

Heonik Kwon (London): The Postcolonial Cold War

Panel 5 / Berlin As A Place Of Memory Of The Cold War

Hope M. Harrison (Washington): The Resurrection Of The Berlin Wall As A Site Of Memory

Sybille Frank (Darmstadt): Competing For The Best Wall Memorial: The Heritage Industry At Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Konrad Jarausch (North Carolina): Project For A Museum Of The Cold War At Checkpoint Charlie