CWIHP partners Mark Kramer, Leopoldo Nuti, and Klaus Schwabe will speak at the upcoming international conference Second Cold War and Peace Movement: the NATO Double-Track Decision from German-German and International Perspectives (Zweiter Kalter Krieg und Friedensbewegung Der NATO-Doppelbeschluss in deutsch-deutscher und internationaler Perspektive), to be held in Berlin from 26-28 March 2009. The conference is co-sponsored by the German Historical Institute-Washington D.C. and the Institut fur Zeitgeschichte Muenchen-Berlin.

Klaus Schwabe, a former Wilson Center public policy scholar and professor emeritus of contemporary history at the History Institute of the University of Technology-RWTH-Aachen, Germany, will present a paper on Negotiations and Deployment: USA and the Implementation of NATO's Double-Track Decision 1979-1983, Leopoldo Nuti, director of the Machiavelli Center for Cold War Studies (CIMA), will give a paper entitled Italy and the Struggle over the Euromissiles, and Mark Kramer, director of the Harvard Project for Cold War Studies will discuss Poland and the Double-Track Decision: Solidarity and nothing else?

For more information, visit the Institut fur Zeitgeschichte website.