DEADLINE CHANGE for Russian Applicants to Fulbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholarship Program

New Deadline is July 15, 2009

Apr 08, 2009

For researchers and scholars from Russia who wish to apply for a Fulbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholarship, the deadline for receipt of application and supporting materials has changed. It is now JULY 15, 2009.

Please note: this deadline change only affects applicants from Russia. It does not affect applicants from Ukraine.

For more information about this change in deadline or about the Fulbright-Kennan Institute Research Scholarship in general, please contact either the Fulbright Program in Moscow or the Kennan Institute's Moscow Office:

Fulbright Moscow Office
Institute of International Education
ul. Tverskaia 16/2 Building 3
125009 Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 935-83-53
Fax: (495) 937-54-18

Kennan Moscow Project
P.O. Box 90
123001 Moscow, Russia
Tel: (495) 232-3496
Fax: (495) 232-3497

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