The Wilson Center's new Digital Archive of declassified documents is being featured as an educational resource around the web.

The new website – – features thousands of documents from nearly 100 different archives in dozens of different countries and offers fresh, unprecedented insights into the history of international relations and diplomacy. It features powerful new search tools, an intuitive user-interface, and new educational resources such as timelines, analysis from leading experts and biographies of significant historical figures. The Digital Archive will continue to expand with new documents, translations and analysis as they become available.

"History Declassified: New Archive Reveals Once-Secret Documents from World Governments"

In the early ’90s, the so-called “Iron Archives” of Russian political documents from the Cold War era opened up to historians, shedding light on the earliest days of Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin’s diplomatic alliance. But not all of the Russian documents were declassified at that time. The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars has launched a new digital archive containing recently declassified materials from some 100 different international collections, including a cable Mao sent to Commander Filippov (Stalin’s alias) eagerly detailing his plans to study Russia and complaining about his poor health. 
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"Explore 20th Century World History Declassified"

The Wilson Center Digital Archive recently published a new set of 73 collections of declassified historical documents. The documents contain memos and transcripts of communications between diplomats and country leaders. The collections are arranged into topics and themes. You'll find collections of documents related to the construction of the Berlin Wall, the origins of the Cold War, and Sino-Soviet relations.
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"Wilson Center Launches Digital Archive of Declassified Documents"

The Nuclear Proliferation International History Project recently announced a launch of the “new, improved” digital archive. The archive is maintained by the Wilson Center (as in Woodrow Wilson) in DC, a research hub for scholars of public policy. The archive primarily makes accessible documents for issues relating to the Cold War, North Korea, and Nuclear Proliferation.
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