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Dear Friends of CWIHP,

For over twenty years CWIHP has been pushing the envelope on Cold War history research, and this past year has been no exception!

As all of you know, the project’s mission has always been unearthing new documents containing new insights and revelations from archives around the world. In this way CWIHP helps scholars, journalists and policy-makers alike understand how history looked from ‘the other side.’

Over the past year CWIHP has advanced this mission on a wide variety of important fronts. Among the most important is a brand new electronic edition of our flagship publication, the CWIHP Bulletin, devoted to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Just as CWIHP lead the field in understanding how this pivotal crisis in human history was viewed in the Soviet Union, this new 800+ page edition of the Bulletin uses documents from over 20 countries around the world to place the Cuban Missile Crisis in a truly international perspective for the first time.

At the same time, CWIHP has met with some new and promising successes in its efforts to promote archival access in Asia. Over the past year CWIHP has published a series of e-Dossiers written by scholar Merle Pribbenow which are based on never before seen Vietnamese documents. CWIHP has also continued its research in newly opened Chinese archives by working closely with East China Normal University’s Center for Cold War International History Studies.

Most recently, in cooperation with the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses in New Delhi, CWIHP has achieved some promising, early successes in its ongoing effort to obtain access to Indian Ministry of External Affairs documents. In this way we aim to learn more about India’s Cold War and nuclear history as it was viewed and understood by Indian officials.

Not content to rest upon our laurels, CWIHP has spent the past three years working towards the January 2013 launch of our new online Digital Archive. This new resource will contain twice as many documents as our current Digital Archive, and will allow us to continue growing our online document collection faster than ever. Enhanced search tools, intuitive browsing features and curated learning tools designed for classroom use will help to bring Cold War history to life for a new generation of scholars.

CWIHP publications, events and resources, like our online Digital Archive, always have been and always will be free. Yet producing cutting-edge research requires steady streams of funding. While CWIHP receives restricted support from foundations and corporations, these grants cover only a portion of our total operating budget. The balance comes from donations made by generous CWIHP supporters like you.

I urge you to make your tax deductible donation to CWIHP's future today. Thank you for your support.


Christian F. Ostermann,
Director, CWIHP