WASHINGTON — The Wilson Center announced today that Dr. Duncan Wood will be the new Director of the Center’s Mexico Institute. Wood succeeds Dr. Andrew Selee, now Vice President for Programs at the Wilson Center. His appointment is effective immediately.

“Duncan Wood is an outstanding choice to lead the Mexico Institute as its new Director,” said Jane Harman, president, director, and CEO of the Wilson Center. “His expertise on a broad range of issues of critical importance to the United States and Mexico, and his ability to translate this knowledge into ideas assures that the Mexico Institute will continue to thrive as the pre-eminent forum in the United States for the analysis of Mexico and the U.S.-Mexican relationship. I look forward to working with him.”

“The opportunity to come to the Wilson Center and direct the Mexico Institute is an honor I could not pass up,” said Wood. “Under the leadership of Andrew Selee the Institute has set the gold standard for research and policy work on the U.S.-Mexico relationship. To be part of this project is an exciting challenge made all the more attractive thanks to the support of our excellent board, the position of the Wilson Center at the heart of the policy debate in the United States, and the wonderful team of people here at the Institute.”

Before coming to the Wilson Center Duncan Wood was a professor and director of both the International Relations Program and the Canadian Studies Program at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico City. He previously led the Renewable Energy Initiative at the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, is a level two member of the Mexican National Research System, and a member of the editorial board of Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica.

In 2007, Wood was a non‐resident Fulbright Fellow. Between 2007 and 2009, he was technical secretary of the Red Mexicana de Energía, a group of experts in the area of energy policy in Mexico. He has been a Senior Associate with the Simon Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D. C. and an editorial advisor to Reforma newspaper. His research focuses on Mexican and Latin American energy policy (including renewable energy), North American relations, banking supervision and the political economy of international finance. He studied in the UK and Canada, receiving his PhD in Political Studies from Queen’s University, Canada in 1996.