"The US security community has been looking at environment and security links for much longer than the current attention around climate/security linkages would suggest," Environmental Change and Security Program Director Geoff Dabelko told John Wihbey, a writer for the Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media. In "Covering Climate Change as a National Security Issue," Wihbey discusses the impact of the National Intelligence Assessment [NIA] on the National Security Implications of Global Climate Change on the defense and environmental communities, as well as Congress. For firsthand coverage of the congressional hearing on the NIA earlier this summer, see the New Security Beat.

Joshua Busby of the University of Texas, Austin, told Wihbey that the NIA would "likely give a handful of security-minded Republicans some reasons to reassess the issue" of climate change. But according to former Washington Post national security reporter Ted Gup, "There are always myriad ongoing studies of every imaginable type and description [within the Pentagon], but until the President flags it as a true national security matter, I'd say it is interesting but not a radical realization of any imminent threat."