ECSP Director Geoffrey Dabelko has been appointed to a three-year term on the Scientific Committee of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP), an international, interdisciplinary, and non-governmental science program that fosters high-quality research on the human dimensions of global environmental change. Founded in 1990, IHDP is located in Bonn, Germany.

The Scientific Committee serves as the advisory board for this international effort to bridge the worlds of scholarship and policy in the social and natural sciences. The committee's nine members are appointed by the IHDP's scientific sponsors (UNESCO's International Social Science Council and the International Council for Science) and include scientists from diverse geographic and disciplinary backgrounds.

IHDP works with the international scientific community to identify emerging research opportunities and ensure that its research agenda reflects current and future societal needs. The program conducts training workshops for young researchers, and encourages researchers from developing countries and young scientists to join its committees. IHDP also produces policy-oriented summaries and relevant reports to contribute a scientific basis for decision-making, and publishes a quarterly newsletter.

What are "Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change"?

Global Environmental Change (GEC) is the set of biophysical transformations of land, oceans, and atmosphere, driven by an interwoven system of human activities and natural processes. Its human dimensions comprise the causes and consequences of people's individual and collective actions, including changes that lead to modifications of the earth's physical and biological systems. These changes affect the quality of human life and sustainable development on a worldwide scale. Human Dimensions of GEC research addresses the coupled human-nature system and investigates how individuals and societal groups contribute to, are influenced by, and mitigate and respond to changes that take place on a local, regional, and global level.

Upcoming Events

Institute on Urbanization and GEC
Mexico City, 27 Sept - 8 Oct 2004

Global Environmental Change Institute on Globalization and Food Systems Scientific Workshop and Science-Policy Forum
Oct. 24 - Nov. 6, 2004
at the Mesoamerican Institute of the National University of Costa Rica in Nicoya

Asian Megacities and Global Sustainability
Tokyo, Japan, 10-12 November 2004

Greening of Policies: Interlinkages and Policy Integration
Berlin, 3-4 December 2004

The 6th Open Meeting of the Global Environmental Change Research Community
University of Bonn, 9-13 October 2005