ECSP Director Geoffrey Dabelko gave three speeches in four days, appearing at the Pew International Journalism Program on January 20 and Florida Atlantic University on January 23 and 24. Ten Pew Fellows attended Dabelko's "Water War or Water Peace" presentation in Washington, D.C. and asked probing questions about water and conflict around the globe. The Pew Fellowships in International Journalism seek to educate a select group of early- and mid-career U.S. journalists about international issues and to increase and improve the coverage of international topics in the U.S. media.

In Boca Raton and Jupiter, Florida, Dabelko spoke about environmental change and international security as part of Florida Atlantic University's Presidential Symposia on national security and the American presidency; future speakers include Eleanor Clift and Susan Eisenhower. Using examples pertinent to his audiences, such as Florida's water shortages and Haiti's environmental degradation, Dabelko connected environmental conditions like resource scarcity and climate change to security concerns in the United States and abroad.

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