Population growth, pollution, and scarcity could turn water into "blue gold," the oil of the 21st century. In February and March, ECSP will screen three films on water issues. Running Dry, a documentary inspired by Senator Paul Simon's work and introduced by Jane Seymour, issues an urgent call to save the billions of people around the world imperiled by lack of access to clean water. As part of the D.C. Environmental Film Festival, on March 10 two episodes of the Thirsty Planet series will examine agricultural and urban water use, combining footage from around the world with commentary from corporate and public leaders, scientists, farmers, engineers, and experts. On March 15 will reveal how water can provoke explosive community responses to the management of this precious resource.

ECSP Film Screenings:
Running Dry (February 24)
Thirsty Planet (March 10)
Thirst (March 15)

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