"Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation," an exciting new exhibition currently touring Europe, visualizes the dramatic impacts of global environmental change. Focusing on water, climate, land, forests, and minerals, the exhibition shows the ways in which environmental degradation and resource scarcity lead to conflicts and new security threats, but also how environmental cooperation and sustainable development can contribute to peace and stability.

This exhibition addresses three questions:

  1. Why do changes in our natural environment threaten human security?
  2. Does the exploitation of natural resources lead to violent conflict?
  3. How can sustainable development and environmental cooperation contribute to stability and peace?

Photographs, charts, interactive animation, and video and audio features convey the complex content using specific examples. Conceived and realized by Adelphi Research, Adelphi Consult, and Weltformat.Design at the initiative of the German Foreign Ministry, the exhibition is designed for easy transport, set-up, and display at conferences, open houses, or special events. The modular concept can be adapted to fit a variety of spaces and add new content as desired.

Available in German and English, the exhibition has been displayed in Berlin and Tajikstan, and is scheduled to appear in Berne, Switzerland, among other places (schedule). Download panels and view photos of the exhibition at the project's website: http://www.ecc-exhibition.org/en/.

Adelphi Research frequently collaborates with ECSP on research endeavors, including the Environment, Development, and Sustainable Peace Initiative and UNEP's Environment and Conflict Prevention Initiative.