Geoffrey Dabelko, member of IHDP's Scientific Committee, tells IHDP Update that "it is critical for the environment and security field to offer an action agenda instead of reactive bickering over narrow causes of conflict...That notion of focusing just on environment as a cause of conflict rather than understanding the cooperative properties around the environment have meant that in both the research and the policy worlds we have missed opportunities to understand and operationalize environment's confidence-building and peace-making possibilities."

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Selected contents:

  • "Conflict, Cooperation, and Global Environmental Change: Advancing the Agenda" by Simon Dalby
  • "Managing Change in the Okavango Basin" by Anthony R. Turton & Anton Earle
  • "Global Biodiversity and Conflict Resolution: The Possible Role of Public Private Partnerships" by Susanne Stoll-Kleemann & Tim O'Riordan
  • "Human Security in the North: Is it Relevant?" by Gunhild Hoogensen
  • "The Lempa River Basin: Transborder Cooperation in an International River Basin with High Potential for Conflict" by Alexander Lopez
  • "Advancing Conflict, Cooperation, and Environmental Change–Human Security Research" by Mike Brklacich, Richard A.Matthew, Bryan McDonald, Bishnu Upreti
  • "Environment as a Pathway to Cooperation, Peace, and Confidence"
    Interview with Geoffrey Dabelko