As Brazil prepares to host its second World Cup, at least half of those surveyed in 24 of 37 countries have a favorable view of the South American nation. Views of Brazil are particularly positive in Latin America and Asia, although in many countries a fair share of people offer no opinion. Brazil gets especially high ratings among young people in many nations around the world. However, Brazil receives low marks in some major Middle Eastern nations.

These are the findings of a new survey by the Pew Research Center conducted in 37 countries among 41,408 respondents from March 17 to May 23, 2014. In total, a median of 54% across the 37 countries have a favorable view of Brazil. Meanwhile, 76% of Brazilians say their country should be more respected around the world than it currently is. (For more on the views of Brazilians about their place in the world, the 2013 protests, attitudes toward their economy and opinions on the World Cup, see Brazilian Discontent Ahead of World Cup, released June 3, 2014).

Brazil receives its highest rating from Chile, where 74% say they have a favorable opinion. In both Venezuela and Peru, about two-thirds have a positive view of Brazil. Elsewhere in Latin America, majorities in Nicaragua (59%), Colombia (56%) and Argentina (56%) have positive impressions of Brazil. However, in 2013, three-quarters of Argentines had a favorable view of their eastern neighbor.