On February 5-6 the Wilson Center's Foresight and Governance Project hosted a two-day workshop Game-based Learning Models & Simulations: Expert Blueprints for Project Success, to explore how the management and performance of three sectors – hospitals, high schools, and parks – can be improved using game-based simulation, learning, and training technologies. Several presentations from the workshop were taped and are now available in RealPlayer (see below).

Kurt Squire, research manager at MIT’s Games-To-Teach Project, spoke during the first day of the workshop. “We have tended to play up the dangers of video games and not focused enough attention on the possibilities they offer to change the way we educate and train both children and adults,” said Squire. “Such games may offer new possibilities to improve our institutional management and public policies.”

Watch Kurt Squire's presentation: New Perspectives on the Role of Games.

Later that afternoon, Doug Lowenstein, President of the Interactive Digital Software Association gave a presentation on Video Games: Changing the Way America Plays, Works, and Learns

Watch the video of his presentation (RealPlayer).

Download Lowenstein's remarks (PDF).

Watch Johnny Wilson's presentation: Real, Reel and Surreal: Games Published and Yet-to-be Published That Could Change the World

Attendees of the workshop included experts from both the public and private sectors representing hospitals, high schools, and parks along with game developers and academics.

The workshop, made possible through support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, was organized with Digitalmill, a development firm responsible for the Virtual U project, a game-based simulation of university management.

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