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Former Scholar Kalyani Shankar Discusses Her Book Pandora's Daughters

Former public policy scholar Shankar discusses her book in an interview with The Sunday Indian.

Former Scholar Kalyani Shankar Discusses Her Book Pandora's Daughters

The Sunday Indian spoke with journalist and former public policy scholar Kalyani Shankar about her book, Pandora's Daughters and her work writing about women leaders:

"Let me explain the concept of Pandora’s Daughter. When Pandora’s Box was opened so many things, mostly evil things, were found. In the end there was a small box and it contained hope. Of course these women leaders are hope and not in any derogatory sense. I think all these leaders will bring hope to the country." -Kalyani Shankar

About Pandora's Daughters:
Women in India have a long way to go to achieve meaningful empowerment but a beginning has certainly been made. The growth of political parties led by women is a hopeful sign and the fact that the number is only growing is also important. Social changes, increasing access to education and health, growing awareness among women to fight for their due place and, above all, the determination to achieve empowerment, provide a fillip to women’s dreams. Pandora's Daughters analyses the strategies deployed by eight prominent women leaders in modern India to achieve high levels of power in a male dominated world of Indian politics.

Read the full interview at The Sunday Indian. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.


Kalyani Shankar

Public Policy Scholar,
"The Statesman Pioneer and Regional Newspapers," India
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