Jeffrey Kimball, a Wilson Center public policy scholar in 2001, has won the Link-Kuehl Prize for his book, The Vietnam War Files: Uncovering the Secret History of Nixon-Era Strategy, which he worked on while in residence here.

The Arthur Link-Warren Kuehl committee of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) selected The Vietnam War Files: Uncovering the Secret History of Nixon-Era Strategy, for its 2005 prize, awarded biannually to the best published documentary book. The prize will be announced on January 8, 2005, at the SHAFR luncheon during the American Historical Association annual meeting in Seattle.

The Link-Kuehl Prize recognizes and encourages analytical scholarly editing of documents, in appropriate published form, relevant to the history of American foreign relations, policy, and diplomacy.

Kimball is professor of history at University of Miami, Ohio, and author of numerous books on the Nixon Presidency. The book, Kimball explained, was the culmination of years of research in the US archives at a time when new documents, especially at the Nixon Presidential Material Projects at the National Archives were readily accessible. The wealth of newly declassified materials prompted him to select the most important documents, or fragments of documents, in order to offer a complete picture of the Nixon Strategy to end the war in Vietnam. The book is also a continuation of Kimball’s previous work on Nixon and Vietnam, Nixon’s Vietnam War published in 2002. It is an undertaking to test the conclusions reached in his previous work, Kimball suggested, verifying if they hold true with the declassification of the new material.

A book launch event was held at the Wilson Center in January 2004.