Conference Summary - National Security and the Future, 2(1) 2000.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
18- 20 May 2000


18 May 2000

9:00 AM Opening Address

President of the Republic of Bulgaria

9:10 AM Welcome Remarks

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Defense
Mayor of the City of Plovdiv

9:30 AM Introdution

Christian Ostermann [Cold War International History Project]

9:40-13:00 Panel I: The Superpowers and the Balkans in the Cold War

Natalia Yegorova [Institute of General History, Moscow]
Rumen Genov [Sofia University]

Richard Crampton [Oxford University, UK] "Destruction as a cause of the Cold War"
Joannis Loukas/Olga Kulieri [Hellenic Naval Academy, Athens] "The Eastern Question and the Cold War"
Vitka Toshkova [Institute of History, Sofia] "The US-Soviet Drive to the Cold War, 1943-1947: The Bulgarian Legacy"
Mihaly Fulop [Caroly Gaspar University, Budapest] "Peace Negotiations and the Beginning of The Cold War in the Balkans, 1945-1947: The Case of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria"


Vasile Sandru [Black Sea University Foundation, Bucharest] "Romania's Balkan Policy During The Cold War"
Rumiana Todorova [Institute of History, Sofia] "Bulgarian Cold War Era Diplomacy: Persons & Performances"
Dumitru Preda [Diplomatic Archive, Romanian Foreign Ministry] "US-Romanian Relations in Late ‘60s: New Evidence"
Kostadin Grozev [Sofia University] "US Embassy in Sofia Reports on the Situation in Bulgaria, 1960-1968"
Nadja Bojadjieva [University of Plovdiv] "Yugoslavia in the US Balkan Strategy During the Cold War"

Commentary and Discussions:
Enyo Savov [University of Plovdiv]

Raymond Garthoff [The Brookings Institution]
Stelios Zachariu [Diplomatic Archive, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece]
Husametin Yildirim [Attaturk Center for History and Culture, Ankara]
Evgeni Alexandrov [New Bulgarian University, Sofia]
Luben Gotzev [Former Bulgarian Foreign Minister]

13:30-15:00 Lunch

15:00-17:30 Panel II: Balkans and the Cold War: Military Issues
(including break 16:00-16:15)

Vojtech Mastny [Washington]
Nansen Bechar [National Security Parliamentary Committee]

Daniel Nelson [George C. Marshall Center, Garmisch] "Military Burden within Cold War Alliances: An Analytic Perspective"
Natalia Yegorova [Institute of General History, Moscow] "NATO's Estimates of the Eastern Bloc Military Capabilities, 1949-1955"
Jordan Baev/Boyko Mladenov [Cold War Research Group – Bulgaria] "Bulgaria in the Warsaw Pact: New Documentary Evidences"
Dimiter Zafirov [Defense College, Sofia] "Soviet Military Advisers in Bulgaria, 1948-1960"
Stancho Stanchv [General Staff, Bulgarian Armed Forces] "Nikita Khrushchev and Reduction Of Bulgarian Armed Forces, 1955-1962: New Documents"

Presentation of a new CD ROM Documentary Volume Bulgaria in the Warsaw Pact

Commentary and Discussions:

Dimiter Minchev [President, Bulgarian Association of Military History]

Adm. Pierre Lacoste [Former Chief, French Navy]
Gen. Ihsan Gurkan [Turkish Foreign Policy Institute & Foundation for Middle East and Balkan Studies, Istanbul]
Gen. Atanas Semerdjiev [Former Chief, Bulgarian Armed Forces]
Joannis Loukas [Hellenic Naval Academy, Athens]
Gen. Stoyan Andreev [President, Bulgarian National Center for Strategic Analysis and Research, Sofia]
Serve Roche [Center of Military History of French Army, Paris]

19:00 Cocktail Party on behalf of the Mayor of the City of Plovdiv
Appolonia Club

19 May 2000

9:00-12:30 Panel III: Cold War History and Consequences: Intelligence Issues
(including break 10:45-11:00)

A Critical Oral History Roundtable

T. Boyadjiev [Bulgarian Euro-Atlantic Intelligence Forum]

Richard Kerr [Former Deputy Director, Central Intelligence, USA]
Vadim Kirpichenko [Former Deputy Chief, PGU-KGB, Russia]
"Intelligence Cooperation Within the Blocs and Contacts Between the Blocs in the Cold War Era"

Pierre Lacoste [Former Director, French Intelligence Service]
Markus Wolf [Former Chief, East German Foreign Intelligence Service]
"Analysis of the Efficiency of the Cold War Intelligence"

Brigo Asparuchov [Former Director, National Intelligence Service, Bulgaria]
Miroslav Tudjman [Former Director, Croatian Intelligence Service]
Grozdan Cvetkovski [Analysis Department, National Intelligence Service, Skopje]
"The ‘small countries' Intelligence Services' Role During the Cold War: A Balkan Perspective"

Minko Sladkarov [Intelligence Veterans' Association, Sofia] "Geostrategic importance of the Balkans for the Intelligence"
Julii Georgiev [Former Director, National Security Service, Sofia] "Bulgarian Security Services Viewing toward a Common Europe"
Jordan Nachev [Bulgarian Euro-Atlantic Intelligence Forum, Sofia] "Scientific-Technical Intelligence during the Cold War Years"

Commentary and Discussion

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-17:30 Panel IV: Cold War in the Balkans: The Ethnic and Religious Factor
(including break 16:00-16:15)

Mark Stefanovich [American University, Blagoevgrad]
Ivan Ilchev [Sofia University]

Agop Garabedian [Institute of Balkan Studies, Sofia] "The Cyprus Question within the East-West Confrontation: The Soviet Approach"
Vasile Puscas [University Babes, Cluj-Napoja] "Balkan ethnicity and international crises during The XX Century"
Luchezar Stoyanov [Institute of History, Sofia] "Ethnic & Border Questions: The Communists, Former Status Quo and the Creation of New Nations in the Balkans"
Anton Parvanov [Institute of Balkan Studies, Sofia] "Ethnic-minority issues in the Balkans: Cold War Years Containment and Post-Cold War Explosion"
Gospodinka Nikova [Institute of History, Sofia] "The Muslim Minorities on the Balkans and the Soviet Foreign Policy during the Second Half of the 1940s"

Commentary and Discussion:

Bilal Shimsir [Turkish History Association, Ankara]
Anna Layal [Institute of History, Tirana]
Boriana Buzhashka [Center for History and Political Studies, Sofia]
Apostolos Hristakudis [Institute for Balkan Studies, Sofia]
Ahmed Dogan [Member of Parliament]

18:00 A Tour in Old City of Plovdiv /Optional/
19:00 Presentation of new Volume The Intelligence with Memoirs and Interviews of former Intelligence Chiefs; First issue of an International Journal "National Security and the Future"; Opening of a Documentary Exhibition from the Archive of Contemporary Social History, Athens
20:00 Cocktail Party, Balabanov' House, Old Town

20 May 2000

9:00-12:30 Panel V: Repression and Opposition
(including break 10:30-10:45)

Christian Ostermann [Director, Cold War International History Project, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC]
Jordan Baev [Cold War Research Group – Bulgaria]

Lubomir Ognianov [Sofia University] "Political Repressions in Bulgaria, 1949-1953"

Zoran Todorovski [Archive of Macedonia, Skopje] "Political Opposition in Macedonia After World War II"

Alexander Stykalin [Institute for Slav and Balkan Studies, Moscow] "Romanian Role in Imre Nagy's Fate"
Natalia Hristova [Institute of History, Sofia] "The Specifics of Bulgarian Dissidents"
Georgia Chernev [Director, Central State Archive, Sofia] "Bulgarian Political Archives: Structure, Content Availability"

Commentary and Discussion:
Georgi Atanasov [Former Bulgarian Prime Minister]
Anastasia Mozer [Member of Parliament, Chairman of Agrarian Union Party]
Ilcho Dimitrov [Former Minister of Science and Education]
Dragomir Draganov [Member of Parliament]
Zheliu Zhelev [Founder of Union of Democratic Forces, Former President of Bulgaria]
Hristos Papuzakis [Editor-in-Chief, Journal "ANTI", Athens]
Vernon Pedersen [American University, Blagoevgrad]

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Panel VI: 1989 in the Balkans and the Transition to Democracy: A Roundtable
(With a break from 16:00-16:15)

Dumitru Preda [Diplomatic Archive, Bucharest]
Georgi Genov [University of National and World Economy]

Miodrag Milin [University of Banat, Timisoara] "Timisoara, December 1989, The Beginning of the Revolution in Romania"
Iskra Baeva/Evgenia Kalinova "The Problem of Bulgarian Transition: Immature Right and Unreformed Left"

Commentary and Discussion:

Petar Mladenov [Former Foreign Minister and Head of State]
Zheliu Zhelev [Founder of Union of Democratic Forces, Former President of Bulgaria]
Dimiter Ludjev [Member of Parliament, Chairman, "New Alternative" Party]
Vlado Djafferov [Member of Parliament, Democratic Party]
Ahmed Dogan [Member of Parliament, Chairman, "Rights and Liberties Movement" Party
Juraj Marusiak [Department of Political Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava]
Vasile Sandru [Black Sea University Foundation]

19:00 Farewell Dinner Novotel Plovdiv