Ipsos-Reid released the results of its latest public opinion survey on June 10, 2005, comparing U.S. and Canadian attitudes about China. The poll was conducted on behalf of the Canada Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Toronoto-based Canada Institute for North American Issues (CINAI).

Darrell Bricker, President and COO, of psos-Reid Public Affairs North America, presented the results of the poll on June 10 at the conference on "Competition for Commodities: China and the North American Response," which was organized by the Canada Institute in conjunction with CINAI and other partners in Toronto.

Results show that nearly two out of three Canadians say China's growth is an opportunity -- even if they are concerned about the emerging superpower's likely destiny to dominate world affairs. Indeed, a substantial number of people in Canada and the United States worry about the effects of China's burgeoning global presence. Two-thirds of Americans and half of Canadians surveyed said they fear that ''China is a serious threat'' to jobs in their own countries. Polling numbers also show concern among Canadians and Americans about the level of Chinese investment in their countries, a recurrent theme in the June 10 conference in Toronto. The full results of the poll are available for dowload:
poll results and tables.

The poll was part of a comprehensive public opion survey by Ipsos-Reid released on May 9, 2005 (to read more about the survey released on May 9, click here). The questions about China were released to coincide with the June 10 conference. The public opinion survey was conducted as part of a series attempting to gauge the evolution of attitudes on both sides of the border toward issues of importance in Canada and the United States.

The poll about China was covered by the The Globe and Mail, which published a lead story on June 10, "Canadians see silver lining in China's cloud, poll says," as well as another article on June 13, "China a 'serious threat' to jobs, N. Americans say."

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