The Harvard University Journal of Cold War Studies and online discussion forum H-Diplo have recently published papers related to the Wilson Center's 20-21 May 2009 conference Alexander Vassiliev's Notebooks and the Documentation of Soviet Intelligence Operations in the United States, 1930-1950 .

The special edition of the Journal of Cold War Studies features an editor's note from JCWS Editor Mark Kramer, as well as articles from conference participants John Haynes, Harvey Klehr, Eduard Mark, Gregg Herken, Steven T. Usdin, Max Holland, and John F. Fox Jr.

Visit the Journal of Cold War Studies website for more information, or JCWS publisher MIT Press for the articles.

The moderated online discussion forum H-Diplo has also published a Roundtable Review of the JCWS special edition devoted to the Vassiliev Notebooks, featuring conference participants Bruce Craig, Ronald Radosh, Katherine A.S. Sibley, G. Edward White, John Haynes, and Harvey Klehr.

The H-Diplo Roundtable Review is available for download free of charge.