Kennan Moscow Project Hosts a Roundtable Discussion - "Russia and the United States: How We See Each Other"

Cosponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation, Moscow

Apr 17, 2009

On Friday, April 17, 2009, the Kennan Moscow Project, in cosponsorship with the Gorbachev Foundation, brought together leading specialists and practitioners in U.S.-Russian relations for a Roundtable Discussion, entitled "Russia and the United States: How We See Each Other."

"With the arrival of the administration of Barack Obama in the U.S., a search for new conceptual approaches to Russia has begun. At the Munich security conference in February 2009, Vice President Joe Biden declared: 'The time has come to press the Reset button and to again address various areas in which we can and should cooperate.' Since then, the word perezagruzka (reset) resounds in both American and Russian foreign policy rhetoric, setting the tone of meetings between high-ranking officials, including the summit leaders of the two countries..."

Read the full report on the event (in Russian)

Watch a video of the event (in Russian)

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