We are pleased to share with you a list of media outlets in which Latin American Program staff members have been featured recently.

Cynthia Arnson was quoted on President Obama's trip to Latin America in CNN.com, Latino USA, Americas Quarterly, The Washington Post on March 17 and March 23, The Financial Express, McClatchy, infolatam, AP, and El Mundo. She was also on Southern California Public Radio, the Woodrow Wilson Center's dialogue radio, Voice of America's Foro Interamericano on March 22 and 25, and "The Morning Briefing" on SIRIUS XM Radio on March 18. Cynthia was also quoted in The Washington Post on Iran's relationship with Bolivia and on President Kirchner's death . She was quoted in El Nuevo Herald on WikiLeaks, and in Latin Business Chronicle on the outlook for Latin America in 2011. In addition, she was quoted in The Los Angeles Times on Colombia.

Robert Donnelly was quoted in Avui on immigration reform in the US.

Eric Olson discussed organized crime in Mexico on BBC Newshour and in the Minnesota Post. He was also quoted in The Atlantic . Additionally, Eric was interviewed on PBS Newshour, "To the Point", and "The Dianne Riehm Show" on President Calderón's visit to Washington, DC. He was also quoted on Ambassador Pascual's resignation in the Wall Street Journal and Reforma.

José Raúl Perales was on NPR to discuss "Baby Doc" Duvalier in Haiti. A review of "A New Trade Policy for the United States," which he co-authored, was in Foreign Affairs.

Andrew Selee was quoted on President Calderón's visit to Washington, D.C. in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Christian Science Monitor. He discussed organized crime and violence on Southern California Public Radio. Andrew also discussed the resignation of Amb. Pascual in The Miami Herald and The Houston Chronicle.

Paulo Sotero was quoted on President Obama's trip to Brazil in The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, The Financial Times on March 19 and March 21, O Estado de S. Paulo, Publico, Veja, Time, and HispanicBusiness. He was also on the Woodrow Wilson Center's dialogue radio. Paulo was quoted in The Christian Science Monitor, McClatchy, AcheiUSA, The Daily Maverick, GlobalPost, and The Wall Street Journal on the presidential election in Brazil. He was also quoted in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, and appeared on Al Jazeera English for President Dilma Rousseff's inauguration. Additionally, Paulo was quoted in CNN.com on violence in Rio de Janeiro, and in Globo News Painel on WikiLeaks. He was interviewed on Worldview on Brazil's nuclear energy program.