On October 7-8, 2007 the Woodrow Wilson Center, the University of Texas at El Paso, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, the Comité por el Premio de Periodismo Nacional and Sam Donaldson of ABC News hosted Journalism Across Borders, a conference convening editors, news directors, and senior journalists from Mexico and the United States in El Paso, Texas to discuss the challenges of covering each other's country and the border region.


Roundtable Discussion: Journalism in Transition, The Challenge of Keeping U.S.-Mexico Relations in the News
Philip Bennett, Managing Editor, The Washington Post
Ruben Alvarez, Managing Editor, El Universal
Gilbert Bailon, President, American Society of Newspaper Editors
Sergio Miramontes, Editorial Processes Manager, Reforma
Tim Connolly, National and Foreign Editor, The Dallas Morning News
Facilitators: Sam Donaldson, ABC Senior Correspondent and Leonardo Kourchenko, Vice President, Televisa

PANEL I: Covering our Shared Border
Louie Gilot, Border Correspondent, El Paso Times
Patricia Giovine, West Texas Correspondent, EFE
Alfredo Quijano, News Editor, El Norte de Juarez
Rocio Gallegos, Correspondent, El Diario de Juarez
Moderator: Sandra Dibble, Border Correspondent, San Diego Union Tribune

PANEL II: The Challenges of Economic News Coverage after 9/11
Samuel Garcia, Editor-in-Chief, El Semanario
Kevin G. Hall, National Economics Correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers
Lucinda Vargas, Director, Plan Juarez
Moderator: Raul Rodriguez-Barocio, Chairman, North American Center, Arizona State University

PANEL III: Organized Crime and Violence against Journalists
Joel Simon, Committee to Protect Journalists
Ramon Cantu Deandar, Executive Director, El Manana (Nuevo Laredo)
Jorge Morales Borbon, Editor in Chief, La Cronica (Mexicali), and Frontera (Tijuana), Periodicos Healy
Moderator: Dudley Althaus, Mexico Bureau Chief, Houston Chronicle

PANEL IV: Immigrants and Migration
Sam Quinones, Correspondent, Los Angeles Times
Homero Campa, International News Editor, Proceso
Joel Millman, Latin American Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal
Moderator: Julia Preston, National Correspondent The New York Times