On August 26-30, 2007 the Mexico Institute took five Members of Congress and one senior staffer from the office of the Speaker in the Wilson Center's first Congressional Study Tour to Mexico.

Participants included Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Chair, Immigration Subcommittee (D-CA), Rep. Steve King, Ranking Member, Immigration Subcommittee (R-IA), Rep. Howard Berman, Member, Immigration Subcommittee (D-CA), Rep. Lois Capps, Co-Chair, Congressional Women's Caucus (D-CA), Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, Member, Appropriations Committee and former Chair, Congressional Hispanic Caucus (D-TX), and Dean Aguillen, senior advisor to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Over three days, the delegation met with senior members of the Mexican government and U.S. Embassy:

· Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora

· Undersecretary of Foreign Relations for North America Carlos Rico

· Deputy Intelligence Director Gustavo Mohar

· The North American Committees of the House and Senate and the President-elect of the Senate, Santiago Creel

· Commissioners of the Federal Institute for Access to Information

· U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza, DCM Leslie Bassett, and senior staff from the U.S. Embassy

The delegation also participated in meetings with scholars, journalists, business leaders, and civil society representatives.