The Woodrow Wilson Center Mexico Institute and the Consejo Mexicano de
Asuntos Internacionales are pleased to announce the selection of four
scholars for the first year of the Mexico Public Policy Scholars Program
sponsored by the two institutions. The scholars, who were selected by a binational selection committee, are:

Dr. José María Ramos , June-August 2003
Position: Professor at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana
Project: "U.S. Border Security and Its Impact on Transborder Cooperation with Mexico"

Dr. Pamela Starr, September-November 2003
Position: Professor at ITAM, Mexico City
Project: "Why Fox Failed: Implications for Mexico, the United States, and the North American Ideal"

Professor Jesús Silva-Herzog Márquez, Esq., January-March 2004
Position: Professor at ITAM, Mexico City
Project: "The Democratic Problem"

Dr. Arturo Alvarado Mendoza, November 2003, May-June 2004
Position: Professor at El Colegio de México, Mexico City
Project: "Constructing the Rule of Law: Public Security, Justice, and Democracy Building in Mexico"

The Program seeks to promote awareness of Mexico and U.S.-Mexico relations in the United States, provide Mexicans with first-hand exposure to U.S. policymakers and the U.S. policy process; and strengthen scholarship on Mexico and U.S.-Mexican relations. The Public Policy Scholars will each spend three months at the Woodrow Wilson Center. Upon their return to Mexico the scholars will be involved in activities of the Consejo.

For further information on this program, please contact:

Andrew Selee
(202) 691-4088

Ana Luisa
(55) 5279-6088