CWIHP is pleased to announce the publication of the latest book from CWIHP partner Jamil Hasanli entitled Khrushevskaya "Ottepel" i Nationalni Vopros v Azerbaidjane (The Khrushchev "Thaw" and the National Question in Azerbaijan).

Drawing upon newly available documentary evidence from Azeri and Russian archives, the Russian-language volume chronicles the first steps of Azerbaijan's early post-Stalin leadership through the summer 1959 replacement of the political leadership.

Jamil Hasanli is a professor at Baku State University in Azerbaijan, and is author of 18 books and more than 100 articles which have been published in Azerbaijan, Russia, the United States, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Iran and elsewhere. His books At the Dawn of the Cold War: The Soviet -American Crisis over Iranian Azerbaijan, 1941-1946, USSR-Turkey: from Neutralities to Cold War, (1939-1953),The first confrontation of the Cold War: Iran and Azerbaijan, The Khrushchev "Thaw" and the National Question in Azerbaijan (1954-1959) and Foreign relations of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920) draw heavily upon information from newly opened archives. Since 2000 Professor Hasanli has twice been elected a deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan.