It is with great pleasure that the Latin American Program welcomes three new Scholars in Residence at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Dr. Ariel Armony, assistant professor of government at Colby College, will be working on a project entitled "The 'Serpent's Egg': Civil Society's Dark Side." This project seeks to explore the "other side" of civil society, focusing on the links between civic engagement and nondemocratic outcomes.

Dr. Alfonso Quiroz is professor of history at Baruch College and Graduate Center, City University of New York. His project, "Curbing Global Corruption: Economic and Institutional Costs of Corrupt Administration in Peru," is a study of the long-term impact of public and private corruption, and the efforts of those who have fought against it, in a country struggling toward economic development.

Our third fellow, Dr. Hector Schamis, assistant professor of government at Cornell University, is working on "Democratic Capitalism and the State in Eastern Europe and Latin America." This project attempts to explain why moves toward free market reforms have reinforced democratization in some countries, while leading to patterns of destructuring that have made democracies unstable in others.

Wilson Center Fellows work on independent research while in residence at the Center. For more information on fellowships, as well as current and former fellows, please contact the Office of Scholar Selection and Services.