The Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) welcomes two new research groups to the international Cold War network.


In September 2002, the Cold War Group Mongolia was founded at the initiative
of former WWC/CWIHP fellow Dr. Tsedenbar BATBAYAR (Department of
Multilateral Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in cooperation with
the Cold War International History Project. Dr. BATBAYAR's will serve as
coordinator and Kolyagiin DEMBEREL as assistant coordinator of the working
group which includes Jigjidiin BOLDBAATAR (Prof, Head Department of History, National University of Mongolia), Okhonoin BATSAIKHAN (Prof, Research Fellow, Mongolian Academy of Sciences Institute of History), Dembereliin ULZIIBAATAR (PhD, Director National Archives of Mongolia), Noosgoi
ALTANTSETSEG (PhD, Director School of Foreign Service, National University
of Mongolia) and Dorjiin SHURKHUU (PhD, Scientific secretary Institute of
International Studies Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Kolyagiin DEMBEREL
(PhD, Research Fellow, Institute of International Studies Mongolian Academy
of Sciences, Project Assistant of CWIHP in Mongolia).

The group is looking forward to cooperative ventures and can be reached at CWIHP will publish first selections of Mongolian archival documents in its next Bulletin and forthcoming issues in its Working Paper Series.


In October 2002, CWIHP and the new Romanian Institute for Recent History
(Institutul Român de Istorie Recenta) inaugurated a Romanian Cold War
research group. The agreement was reached during meetings between IRIR
director Andreij PIPPIDI, IRIR research fellow Marius OPREA and a CWIHP
delegation led by CWIHP director Christian OSTERMANN.

The establishment of the group grew out of the conference "Romania and the
Warsaw Pact, 1955-1989," co-organized by the Institute for Political Studies
at the Romanian Ministry of Defense, CWIHP and the PHP on October 3-6, 2002.
On the occasion of the conference, Romania's National Archives, Foreign and
Defense Ministry archives released major collections of documents relating
to Romania's role within the Warsaw Pact. CWIHP plans publish these and
other materials on its website.

Based at the IRIR, the Romanian Cold War research group will provide a forum
for discussion and cooperation among scholars and journalists from a variety
of Romanian institutions engaged in research on Cold War related subjects.

The Romanian Institute for Recent History (IRIR) was created as a
Dutch-Romanian scientific undertaking by a steering committee led by former
ambassador of the Netherlands in Romania, Coen STORK. The institute was
launched with a MATRA grant from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and seeks to contribute to an improvement of professional historical
research in the field of Romanian contemporary history. The institute also
promotes broader knowledge and understanding of Romanian history among
various scholarly groups and the general public. The Academic Advisory
Council includes Prof. Sorin ANTOHI (Central European University, Budapest),
Prof. Hans BLOM (Director of the Netherlands Institute for War
Documentation, Amsterdam), Prof. Dennis DELETANT (School of Slavonic and
East European Studies, University of London), Prof. Jürgen KOCKA (Freie
Universität Berlin, President of the International Committee for Historical
Studies), Prof. Luisa PASSERINI (University of Turin; European University Institute, Florence), Dr. Henry ROUSSO (Director of the Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent, Paris), and Prof. Alexandru ZUB (Director of the "A.D. Xenopol" Institute of History, Iasi). For further information, see the Institute's website at or contact the IRIR at

Research and documentation projects launched by IRIR include the publication of Nicolai Ceausescu's papers, Romania's role within the Warsaw Pact; Romania and the Sino-Soviet Split; and the history of the Securitate.

First results of this new partnership will be published in CWIHP and IRIR
publications. For further information, consult the CWIHP website.

We welcome both groups to the growing Cold War research network!